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Solar Roller Shades

Solar shades are very much like traditional roller shades. The main difference is that they block the sun from getting in, but don't completely block the view out your window. This lets you enjoy the view out your windows without dealing with the brightness or glare caused by a blazing sun.

Solar shades are available in a wide variety of different colors, styles and fabric thicknesses. Solar shades are great at glare control, heat control, natural light management and UV Protection.

Like traditional roller shades, solar shades are a breeze to maintain and keep clean. Because of their construction they don't collect as much dirt and dust as other window treatments.

If you want to block the sun, but don't want to completely give up your view, let Rochester Quality Blinds find the right solar roller shade for you!

  • solar screen 5% (openness factor) roller shades
  • solar screen 14% (openness factor) roller shades
  • solar screen 10% (openness factor) roller shades
  • solar screen 3% (openness factor) roller shades
  • solar screen 1% (openness factor) roller shades

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