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Pleated Shades

Pleated shades are very closely related to cellular shades, but with their own set of benefits. The main difference is in the inner construction of the shade. Pleated shades will give your windows a slightly different look, but with all of the same light blocking or filtering features of the cellular blinds.

Pleated shades are light weight and pull more completely out of the way. Great benefits for those with size constraints, or those that want an unobstructed view out their windows when the blinds are stored.

Pleated shades can give your windows a crisp contemporary look. They can be less expensive than cellular blinds. There are also options available with the no-hole privacy options.

If you want to give your windows the look and feel of cellular blinds, but with a budget in mind, let Rochester Quality Blinds walk you through our options for pleated shades!

  • basic pleated shades
  • premium pleated shades
  • light filtering pleated shades
  • blackout pleated shades
  • no holes pleated shades

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